Starting a relationship - how to tell your significant other?

If you are beginning a new relationship, the decision if, when and how to tell your new partner that you have haemophilia might require some thought – or not much at all! Everyone is different, and for some people telling others that they have haemophilia is challenging, while for others it is pretty easy. Plus, some people may like to tell their partner about their condition straight away, while others might feel more comfortable waiting to see how the relationship progresses. Either way, it’s up to you if, when and how you share this information.

If you do decide to tell your partner that you have haemophilia, it’s important to remember that there are a lot of inaccurate beliefs out there about bleeding disorders. It’s normal for people to take some time to digest the news and to be concerned about what this might mean for your future together, including any children you may have. As a result, you should be prepared to answer lots of questions about your condition and how it might impact your life with your partner.

You might like to try these tips for telling your partner about your condition:

  • Learn about your haemophilia first so that you are in a good position to answer any questions your partner might have. If you are not sure about anything, talk to your Haemophilia Treatment Centre. It might also be helpful to have some accurate printed information ready to give to your partner to read in their own time.
  • Be aware that your knowledge and attitude to haemophilia will influence how others understand and accept it.
  • Practice telling your partner first – either in front of the mirror or with a trusted friend or person at your Haemophilia Treatment Centre.
  • Choose a time and place where you can take some time and talk openly without distractions.
  • Give your partner some time to get used to this new information about you. You might also like to give them the opportunity to talk to your Haemophilia Treatment Centre if they would like more information.


Having haemophilia is nothing to be ashamed of and many people find that sharing their situation with others is helpful as it means that others can understand how the condition affects their life and help provide any support that might be needed. If you have any questions about if, when and how to tell your partner about your condition, talk to your Haemophilia Treatment Centre.

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