Telling people at work about your condition

Starting a new job is an exciting – and often nerve-wracking – time in your life. There are new responsibilities to manage and new people to meet. As someone with haemophilia, you will probably need to think about whether you want to tell others in your workplace about your condition. The decision to tell them is entirely up to you (in most cases). And if your bleeding disorder is not going to impact on your work, you may want to take your time and think carefully before you tell your manager or colleagues.

Before you go ahead and tell others about your condition, you may like to talk to your Haemophilia Treatment Centre about the implications of this. Ultimately, you probably need to think about whether telling people about your condition will make your life easier or more difficult. For example, it may help explain why you need time off work to attend medical appointments and lead to your manager and colleagues being more understanding of your needs. On the other hand, your manager may react less positively to the news and have concerns with how this will affect your ability to do your job, or any associated occupational health and safety risks.

There are many misconceptions about haemophilia so if you do decide to tell your manager and/or colleagues about your condition, you will probably need to spend some time explaining to them what the condition means for you.

Remember, your Haemophilia Treatment Centre can help you decide whether disclosing your condition at work is the best option for you. If you do decide to go ahead with this, they can also assist in providing information about your condition to your manager and/or colleagues.

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