Benefits of sport

Sports generally involve an activity requiring physical exertion and skill, in which individuals or teams compete against each other. Examples include tennis, soccer and netball. Sports can not only provide all the physical benefits of exercise, such as improved strength, flexibility and balance, but being part of a team and competing can also be great for building friendships and self-confidence. Not to mention that playing sport can be great fun!

Participating in sport plays a particularly large part in the life of school-aged children. So it’s good news for kids that advances in treatment over the past few decades have meant that people with haemophilia can now participate in a wide range of sports.

While regular exercise is clearly beneficial, it is important to consider a number of factors when choosing a sport that is right for you. Your Haemophilia Treatment Centre should be able to help you with this before you decide to engage in any sport or exercise regimen

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